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In 2013, a group of family and friends assembled to form a team for the Susan G.

Komen Breast Cancer Race for the Cure. Team Fabulous was created on behalf of their

loved ones who had lost their battles with Cancer. While planning for the Race, the

group recognized the greater need for more ground root assistance in our community

for individuals and their families going through cancer treatment.

The Benjamin & Yancy Foundation was created in loving memory of Velma C.

Benjamin, Ph.D. and Elmira Bridges Yancy, BS, MS - two remarkable women and

distinguished educators, both in the field of Health, Physical Education and Dance.

They worked as classroom teachers, basketball and tennis coaches, sponsors for

majorettes, cheerleaders, pep squads, modern dance groups and most importantly,

mentors for a multitude of adolescents, particularly young women and men in the City of

New Orleans.

The Benjamin & Yancy Foundation has undertaken the mission to provide education,

transportation, screenings and supportive therapies to Breast and Prostate Cancer

Patients and their caretakers.

Jean Benjamin-Vappie and Elizabeth A. Bridges had been primary caregivers and

understood the broad scope of needs and responsibilities of this important role. In

October 2016, their commitment to make a difference, steered them to Incorporate and

Register the Foundation with the City of New Orleans and State of Louisiana.

The Benjamin & Yancy Foundation Inc., was certified February 2017 by the

Federal Government as a 501(C)(3) organization.

Membership in the BY Foundation is open to all who desire to help cancer patients and

their families. Our earnest desire is that we can be a beacon of hope and light in the

lives of those battling Cancer. Therefore, this alliance has been created to make

significant contributions to families of those suffering with Breast & Prostate Cancer.


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